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Welcome to my website. Here you will find a little about me, some of my songs, you can contact me, and I update the news bit with the Shows I have done, and will be doing.

I Started playing the guitar when I was 12. My mom wanted me to play the piano, but I was a huge Bruce Springsteen and Prince fan which was their own fault, so I wanted a guitar. My mom still had her way that I started out with a classical guitar. At 16 I finally, after a lot of begging, got a black Ibanez electrical guitar. A dream come true and with my torn 501’s and my motorcycle boots, I stood in my room playing my heart out.

Not until I was in the US for the first time I realized the impact I had on people when performing for friends and co-workers, then I really started thinking about performing. I was 21 at the time and after that trip I really started to write songs from myself, and not just for myself.

After so many years of performing in the US and in Amsterdam, I believe I have developed a sound that’s my own. A mix of Rock ‘n Roll with a little bit of the Folk genre I still love. I am a singer/songwriter and that means I am sharing my feelings with you and it’s very personal. I can’t guarantee they are all happy songs, but I hope you like them, and I hope even more, they will give you some solace.

thanks for visiting my site.